Gardens Growing, Saints Rising

Alex Miller, Buffalo Public School teacher, and Mark Brice, owner/operator of Buffalo Aerial Pictures, are the co-creators of the Forever in Paradise Picture Series. Their advocating for the city of Buffalo through this aerial art form is producing stunning new views of Buffalo and its finest architecture.

At first, Alex discovered that a long-accepted Buffalo winter street scene in fact depicted a New York City street, a fraud. He and Mark teamed up to produce the first in the series, “Forever in Paradise!” a new lofty perspective of Buffalo’s main street in winter.

The next in the series, a high view of the Erie basin marina, reveals the shape of a buffalo. It is called “Hidden in Plain Sight.”

They are now honored to produce an image of the final renovations of the Botanical Gardens, to be displayed at the Gardens.


This third photo of the series began with one goal: Unifying two of the most coveted Southtowns destinations, Botanical Gardens and Father Baker’s Basilica. These two landmarks are brought together in one shot titled: “Gardens Growing, Saints Rising”.

The coordination between the Botanical Gardens and the Forever in Paradise series began six months ago. The idea was to take the same shot, one summer setting and the other a winter setting, allowing for a different perspective of aerial shooting. Based on your preference, both shots will be available in over 20 Buffalo novelty stores including the Botanical Gardens Gift Shop. Limited edition prints containing autographs will be available in the Botanical Gardens Gift Shop and proceeds will support the gardens.


The word “Growing” signifies several renovations of the Botanical Gardens and the growing of our city as a whole. The “Rising” refers to Father Baker in the midst of becoming a recognized saint. Though there are thousands of saints recognized, or “canonized,” over the centuries, achieving this posthumous honor is still incredibly rare.

Both buildings featured in this stunning drone image each have their own distinctive rich history within our region. Both cultivate their own faithful following and support. Two versions of the poster are available: The Summer version, shown in the image above, and the Winter “Big Dome” version (below), which is available in color and black-and-white.



Alex Miller, growing up in the Northtowns, was unaware of the Botanical Gardens and the Basilica. In 2011, that all changed when Miller was hired as a full-time teacher at Our Lady of Victory Father Baker. As a 6.1.1 teacher for Father Baker, (this school made famous by countless WNY parents threatening to send their misbehaving children there). Miller took his students to the Botanical Gardens and Basilica as part of a reward system. Like his students at the time, he was hypnotized by these architectural masterpieces. Teaching for OLV/Father Baker for two years, Miller couldn’t help but have a newfound appreciation.

Alex and Mark are honored to have the privilege to share with our community the local treasures that may have gone forgotten. That is what it’s all about for them. They are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but to look at an old wheel from a new perspective within the confines of what makes it socially relevant for the generation to come.

These 11″ x 17″ posters are $10.99 plus tax, which includes shipping and handling. Please follow the simple PayPal instructions below for payment. Copies signed by Mark and Alex are available for an additional $5; to order multiple versions, choose “Continue Shopping.” Posters will be mailed to the address specified during payment and will arrive in a protected cardboard packing tube. Please allow 5 days for shipping. All sales are final.

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