Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden In Plain Sight.

Phase 1-
Brought to you by the creators of the original “Forever in Paradise” poster and the story that it encompasses… Now featuring the second poster in the series, “Hidden In Plain Sight.”

“Hidden In Plain Sight” features the Erie Basin Marina in a way that tells several stories, one a few long-time Western New Yorkers know themselves. It all starts with what originally placed Buffalo, New York on the map – the water. These roots of our great city have, and always will, revolve around our beautiful Rivers and freshwater lakes. Symbolically, Buffalo starts in the water; if you look closely at the shape of the Erie Basin Marina, you will quickly identify the massive Buffalo. The largest tribute to our city that literally has gone without any praise or recognition until this point. It is literally hidden in plain sight from all of us.



Thanks to 21st century technology and the photographic ingenuity of Mark Brice and myself, Alex Miller, Buffalo Public School teacher, we are able to bring you remarkable and colossal perspective of our great city like no one has seen before. It stands at the foot of our city as if it is watching over us, and you don’t need me to point out to you the beautiful backdrop of the cityscape, which is breathtaking in itself. Hidden in plain sight could have many interpretations and several meanings; it all depends on the eye of the beholder.

“Hidden In Plain Sight” could sum up Buffalo as a whole, in that it always has been magical and relevant to its patrons, but now it is getting the credit and reputation it deserves. Now a destination to visit, embracing its architecture and vast history. Unfortunately, there is not much history on the Erie Basin Marina besides that it was built in 1970-1973 and the architects were DiDonato Renaldo Associates. Mark and I would love to see the marina recognized and looked upon as something special and unique to our city. Maybe one day there will be a plaque at the Marina showing the hidden Buffalo! The Queen City is undergoing its own Renaissance and this is the poster that will usher in and celebrate it, because most of us already knew what was in “plain sight” figuratively all along!


Posters are $12.99 plus tax, which includes shipping and handling. Please follow the simple PayPal instructions below for payment. Copies signed by Mark and Alex are available for an additional $5; to order both versions, choose “Continue Shopping.” Posters will be mailed to the address specified during payment and will arrive in a protected cardboard packing tube. Please allow 5 days for shipping. All sales are final.

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Phase 2 – “Hidden In Plain Sight”

Phase 2 of “Hidden In Plain Sight” will consist of a collaborative project at several different levels with multiple interested parties and sponsors.

Mark and I are looking to make a big splash and make a true difference within the community. Organizing and setting up this event mid-summer at the Erie Basin Marina for a second shooting of the poster with a special BFLO twist! With the permission of the Erie Basin Marina, the first step would involve aligning with interested sponsors.

Based upon interest, we would set a date and time during a mid-summer evening. Spread the word and invite people down to outline the hidden Marina Buffalo, allowing themselves to be part of history and featured in a future Buffalo poster. Each person that participates would receive a glow stick and or a tee shirt.

Upon interest, Mark and I will decide what kind of percentage of the proceeds from poster sales will be donated to the desired charity or Foundation.

The hidden Marina Buffalo is quite large so it would involve many interested and willing individuals who want to show how the community can come together for this epic photo opp. Adding to the original poster and the story it has generated itself. But this time this experience will go to a charitable cause and bring our city of good neighbors together in a fashion that would allow them to hang on their living room walls and say, “I was there, I made history!”