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For $5 more, you can now get either poster signed by Alex and Mark.

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The resurgence of Buffalo comes in many different shapes and forms. Rectifying the false picture of Buffalo, NY – “Just another day in paradise” – has been our goal the past couple of months. We made it our mission to right the wrongs of a Buffalo picture portrayed in a fraudulent way.

Myself, Alex Miller, a Buffalo Public Schools teacher who originally broke the story, and local WNY specialized photographer, Mark Brice from Buffalo Aerial Pictures, teamed up to complete this mission. We want to show that Buffalo is more than just snow. We want to show our city’s historical character.


While patiently waiting for a substantial snow fall, this process has become a meaningful quest for the both of us. We have discovered more beauty to Buffalo than just its winters, and we believe this picture embodies the essence of the city’s “Paradise.”

After 10 outings and 20 different shoots around the city, we have finally found an image that we think is most visually striking. Using a state-of-the-art drone, we were able to capture the perfect shot within our 18″X24″ parameters. We were also looking for a unique combination of colors, architecture, and, of course, our famous snow.

Mark and I have produced color and black-and-white versions of “Forever in Paradise!” Both versions are 18″x24″. We had local support in designing the poster from Buffalo Canvas and Nickel City Graphics. Without these companies and their contributions, the poster would never have gotten past the ground floor.



Distributors who previously sold the falsified image or new distributors that are interested in carrying it should contact us as soon as possible. 

Here we are, holding the real Buffalo “Paradise” posters, which replace the bogus one seen at our feet.

The public can now support our mission and our city with the purchase of the poster. Posters are $12.99 plus tax, which includes shipping and handling. Please follow the simple PayPal instructions below for payment. Choose the black-and-white or color version from the drop down menu; to order both versions, choose “Continue Shopping.” Copies signed by Mark and Alex are available for an additional $5. Posters will be mailed to the address specified during payment and will arrive in a protected cardboard packing tube. Please allow 5 days for shipping. All sales are final.


Thank you very much for your support, and please take the time to visit this site again within a month or two for more work to come.

Please find links to local news coverage below.

Our community and many of our region’s political leaders have prominently embraced our first poster, “Forever in Paradise.” Everyone has congratulated Mark and Alex for a job well done, righting the wrongs and representing a fresh positive light of our city.

Below is a list of the various people we have presented the “Forever In Paradise” poster to:


Legislator Lynne Dixon – Erie County

Mark Schroeder – Comptroller

Sheila M. Meegan – West Seneca Town Supervisor

Chris Jacobs – Erie County Clerk

Dr. Kriner Cash – Buffalo Public School Superintendent

Carl Paladino – Developer and School Board Member

Anthony Conte – Shea’s President


Shea’s President, Anthony Conte, was presented a copy of the poster because much of the poster features the performing arts center. Mr. Conte was very pleased with the poster and the representation of the historical Shea’s theater. He stated that he had a photography background himself and was impressed with many aspects of the image/poster. He spent several hours with us giving us a tour and an in depth history of Shea’s. He told Mark and Alex that he will be hanging up a copy of “Forever in Paradise” within the theater and would be willing to have copies for resale within the theater/ticket office. Making it the only poster that Shea’s has sold. That was a very proud moment for us.

In a century from now, we hope the future citizens of the Buffalo will be looking back at our images and can say, “That’s around the time when it all started turning around.” They say every picture is worth 1,000 words; in the case of this one it’s well worth 10,000 words. For Mark and Alex, it is more than just a poster, it’s a symbol.

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